In our modern technological park, we have a robotic welding station with a Kawasaki robot and an automatic torch cleaning system. We use robot welding mainly when handling large, repetitive series. The decision to implement this advanced welding technology is associated with a number of benefits, such as lower production costs, shorter lead times, increased production capacity and repeatability of the executed series.
  • Robotized welding station with Kawasaki robot and automatic torch cleaning system.
  • Rotary table that allows simultaneous welding and assembly of workpieces.
  • Scansonic TH6D laser ruler for weld detection.
  • Fronius TPSi 400i MAG welding source with MTB 500 liquid-cooled torch.
  • Two rotary positioners with a length of 3000 mm and a load capacity of 300 kg each placed along an 8500 mm long running track.
Fronius TPSi 400i MAG welding source with MTB 500 liquid-cooled torch:

Maximum welding current 400A
Minimum welding current 3A

Welding current / turn-on time [10 min/40°C] 400A / 40%
Welding current / turn-on time [10 min/40°C] 360A / 60%
Welding current / turn-on time [10 min/40°C] 320A / 100%

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This welding method can significantly optimize the lead time of the entire order and reduce production costs.


Thanks to the robot's wide range of technical settings, we achieve highly precise welds, even for the most complex projects.


The robot's productivity is increased by up to 60% compared to other welding methods.

Robotization of industry, especially in the welding sector, is becoming increasingly common. Many entrepreneurs are choosing it for the health and safety of their workers. Manual, monotonous welding for many hours puts a significant strain on the human body. Welding robots are an innovative solution that provide excellent quality and repeatability in the execution of details. They are dedicated to work in complex, demanding and repetitive series. The Kawasaki robot perfectly copes with the most demanding tasks, contributing to the fast and precise execution of orders of customers with diverse needs.

Welding robots, thanks to their ability to be programmed and configured, have exceptional flexibility, making them adaptable to a wide variety of task types and production processes. They can be successfully used to weld different materials and shapes, resulting in greater scalability and versatility in production. The speed of robot welding surpasses traditional manual methods. Robots operate in continuous mode, resulting in increased productivity and reduced production time, as well as a significant reduction in operating costs.

Valuation process

Robotic welding is an advanced technology in which industrial robots are programmed to perform precise welding operations. This state-of-the-art welding process offers a number of advantages over traditional methods. Robotic welding guarantees excellent precision and repeatability of the process, resulting in uniform and high-quality welds. Welding robots work faster, thus reducing the execution time of projects and increasing overall production efficiency.
Automating the process eliminates the risks associated with manual welding, which translates into increased worker safety. The robotic welding station is commonly used in vehicle manufacturing, where precision and speed are crucial to the quality of the final product. In the construction industry, robotic welding is used in the production of steel structures and heavy-duty metal components. Precision welding with this technology minimizes material waste, which has a positive impact on ecology and sustainability.

Our company specializes in comprehensive metal processing, offering automated welding services using state-of-the-art technologies. We customize processes to meet individual customer needs, providing effective and personalized solutions. Robotic machining is not only a cutting-edge technology in metalworking, but also a key factor in improving efficiency, precision and safety in manufacturing processes. Take advantage of the benefits of this innovative technology and accelerate the growth of your business!